Hello I’m Richard Kinghorn. I come from Glasgow which is in Scotland. Scotland is part of the U.K but used to be a separate country. So I can call myself both British and Scottish. In 2009 I graduated in Pharmacology with honours from Glasgow University. My previous jobs include working as a pharmaceutical sales consultant, working as a university admissions advisor and as a part-time football coach. My current role at the school is as a football coach, which I began in September.


I’ve always had an interest in Chinese culture and history ever since learning a little about it when I was at school. I came to China to explore and hopefully learn the language. It’s very difficult.


I have really enjoyed working at Hangzhou High School Number 2. The P.E head is kind and patient considering the language barrier between us. The students are polite, studious and friendly. Many of the students are very athletic and good at football.


I believe a day spent travelling is a day that is not wasted. Keeping an open mind and exploring new cultures is something one has to do I order to say that they have lived.